Vision & Mission


     It is to establish a package of positive cultural values in the Egyptian community. Values in respecting diversity, difference, enabling the Egyptians to have access to means of knowledge acquisition, to open prospects in interacting with the data of the contemporary world, to have a cognizance of the Egyptian civilized history and heritage; on short, giving Egyptians the ability of free choice, securing their right to exercise and produce culture. Values make culture a source of power to fulfill development, an added value to the national economy and a base for the regional and international soft power of Egypt.


     The Ministry of Culture supports the values of citizenship, deepens loyalty and belonging to the Egyptian identity, upgrades various cultural and artistic fields in a creative way, and finally develops talented and creative persons. In addition, the Ministry boosts and spreads cultural industries without discrimination to achieve cultural equity. Moreover, the Ministry promotes the prestige of Egypt's soft power and implements its leadership on the global cultural map.