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Egypt Cooperates With  The African  Continent Culturally And Artistically

Wednesday 16 January, 2019

- Abdel-Dayem Announces The  Cultural Celebration On the Occasion of  " Egypt Presidency of The  African Union'.

- Abdel-Dayem announces Egypt's cultural map that will be organized  in Africa.

- 110 intellectual and artistic activities in the framework of Egyptian and African cultural exchange.

- Scholarships, translations, competitions, festivals and art exhibitions in The Egyptian cultural agenda in Africa to celebrate Egypt's presidency of The African Union , plus. The president Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi , President of The Republic , announces  Aswan as "The Capital of  African youth" .

On the occasion of Egypt's hosting for The African Nations Cup , and out of our believe in the soft power as a bridge of communication between nations, Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, The Minister of Culture , announced The ministry's plan of activities that will be organized   during 2019.

The program supports and enhances the cultural and artistic activities between Egypt and Africa, including 110 activities  in all fields - festivals and events - organized by The ministry's sectors throughout the year, including :-  7 scholarships in the institutions subjected to The Academy of Arts for African innovators, one - year Arabic language course for the Africans  ,  treating the Africans as the Egyptians in terms of  the tickets of visiting the artistic and national museums, publishing 10 translated work for the most important African pioneers , publishing The  cyclopedia of "African History", organizing a seminar for the Nigerian writer Mohamed Mamdani, inviting the African visitors to attend and participate in various shows that are displayed on the governmental Theaters    .

Moreover, The celebrations also include an intensive participation of African countries in The golden jubilee of Cairo International Book Fair and the declaration of Senegal as the guest of honor for " the 51 Edition of Aswan International Festival for Culture and Arts", " and " Cairo International Film Festival " - with a large participation of The African films, " the African Music Festival in the Academy of Arts" , " the Second International Scientific Conference of Specialized Palaces" - under the title "Artistic and Literary Heritage - a language of communication between the peoples of Aswan" , 'Luxor Festival of African Cinema" ,"  the 13th Edition of  Cairo International Biennial with African participation" , " the 7th Edition of  Damanhour International Festival of Folklore" , " Ismailia International Festival for Documentary and Short Films" , " Drums And Traditional Arts Festival " , The first Arab-African festival for the folk arts in Hurghada , " The 2nd Egyptian-African Circus Festival" , "28th  Castle International Festival, " Hearing  Festival for Religious Singing " in Cairo and some other Governorates","  Cairo International Conference for Arabic  Calligraphy" , The 7th International Forum of Folkloric Heritage - entitled The interaction between  Arab and African Heritage" ,"  Conference of Library Directors and National Archives of Africa ","the 12 Traditional pottery Festival"  , " 4th International Interaction Forum of African Cultures ", " The first African Children's Theater Festival - in Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Sharm El-Sheikh and Aswan"," Luxor International Photography Forum " with interactive events in different African countries", including:-  screenplay workshops, photography and sound in Sudan, Mali, Mauritania, Ghana, Gabon, Madagascar, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia , Mozambique, Burundi, Rwanda and Guinea.  

In addition to organizing a number of cultural and cinematic weeks in :  Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Congo, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Lesotho and South Sudan, plus the  participation  in:-  " the Nigeria Book Fair" ,  " Hosting a group of exhibitions of Plastic Arts for African Artists" , organizing"African Youth Innovations Competition" ,plus,  organizing  the conference of "African Is Egypt  Heart " and "  African Children's Forum" , plus, transferring  " The African Series"  to a monthly series , in addition to organizing the Egyptian-African Relations Exhibition in Sharm El-Sheikh, Luxor and Aswan.

It is worthy of note that The Minister of Culture  pointed out that the events and activities support the communication between Egypt and Africa  and consolidate the common ties between them. It also highlights the features of Egyptian civilization and sheds light on the African  contemporary art , culture and creativity .