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Urban Harmony Launches A Heritage Contest For Plastic Arts

Wednesday 20 February, 2019

The National Urban Harmony Authority, headed by Eng. Mohamed Abu Saada, launched the fourth edition of the heritage competition, which was specialized this year to plastic arts. The competition is being held in cooperation with the UNESCO office in Cairo under the slogan "Our heritage is our identity ... let us protect it together"

Abu Saada explained that the competition addressing  The professionals  and amateurs of plastic arts to inspire their works  from what Egypt has in all of its governorates and to treat it with a cultural architectural and heritage legacy dimension to express the cultural and architectural heritage of the different governorates of Egypt. For example , the buildings and structures of the modern architectural style, which represent the modern era since the end of the nineteenth century, reflect the characteristics of a certain period of time and a traditional architecture that expresses a local unique environment, focusing on the Buildings of artistic  delicate details and.

The competition also includes urban areas of distinct value, such as: Heliopolis - Zamalek - Maadi - Cairo Khedive - Garden City in Cairo, Port Fouad in Port Said, and the registered areas of outstanding value in Alexandria.

Furthermore, Abu Saada pointed out that the competition deals with  the two-dimensional works (flat), belonging to the following fields:-

painting, watercolors, oil colors, acrylic colors gouache, etc. The competition also includes works of art executed with mediums and linear materials :- pencils, charcoal, inks, traditional print media and digital.

It is worthy of note that the values of the prizes are as the following :

  •  The first prizes is thirty five thousand pound
  • the second prize is 25 thousand pound

      - the third prize 15 thousand Egyptian pounds

         - three prizes each worth 10 thousand Egyptian pounds.


Moreover,  Abu Saada explained for candidacy that the candidates can apply the application electronically on the website:-

or sent the application  by e-mail to

Note that : The submission deadline is Thursday, 18 April 2019.