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Sketches And Coloring Workshops in The culture palaces Organization

Wednesday 10 July, 2019

The General Organization of Culture Palaces - The Central Administration of  Studies and Research,  has organized a number of artistic and cultural activities,

- Al- Shouhada Culture Palace organized a cultural entertainment day for children in Hdanet Al kalaa , in addition to narration workshop entitled "wise men of the jungle",  supervised by Riham Nabil .

  • Ahmed Bahaa El Din culture palace  holds  a cultural symposium on "renunciation of violence and extremism" , in addition to  the implementation of a plastic arts workshop,
  • The Child Culture Palace in Kufr Tesfa city organizes a workshop entitled "The Arab Legacy in French Culture" to explain a simplified overview of the history of French culture and its most prominent symbols and the Arab influence during the Middle Ages in Europe.
  • Kafr El-Shorafa Culture Palace prepared a cultural and artistic day within the summer program in Noor Al-Bayan Nursery.
  • Garden City Children's Palace organizes an entertainment day at the Bem Bem School for Intellectual Education. It includes workshops on "customs and positive behaviors," using colored beads, paperwork handcrafts, plastic arts for free drawing using fluorescent colors, plus, Fine Arts Bus organize a visiting tour for the children  of Al-Maadi to visit the palace of Mohammed Ali in Manial.