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National Folk Art Troupe In The Canadian History Museum In Ottawa

Wednesday 17 July, 2019


Within the framework of the activities of the Egyptian Heritage Month in Canada and  in cooperation between the Ministries of Culture, Antiquities ,Immigration and  Egyptians Affairs Abroad and Social Solidarity, The National Folklore Troupe – subjected to  the Ministry of Culture - presented its concerts at The Canadian History Museum in Ottawa. The concert  was attended by more than 30 of university professors, in addition to Egyptian students and more than 500 guests in the Canadian capital.

The troupe was received by Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, Ambassador of Egypt to Canada and his wife, expressing his great appreciation for the great cooperation provided by the Ministry of Culture and  Dr. Enas Abdel-Dayem , Minister of Culture who facilitated the procedure of The National Folkloric Troupe  travel to Canada and who has  high level of coordination among the members of the teamwork: - the Egyptian Canadian Cultural Association , the Embassy in Ottawa in Montreal . This concert was held to conclude this celebration with such a wonderful level of success. Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid presented a praised the history of the Troupe  and the great performance that  represented the  different regions and governorates of  Egypt.

the National Art Ensemble presented shows that attracted the attention  and admiration of a large number of the Egyptian community in Ottawa who expressed their desire of the Canadian  to hold  more cultural events every year.

For his part, The Egyptian ambassador said that the Egyptian community in Canada participated the Egyptian  cultural activities . He praised the professional level of all the members of The National Folklore Troupe which started its career more than forty years ago

At the end of the ceremony, The National Folkloric Troupe , led by Dr. Mahmoud Sabry presented the shield of The Artistic House to  Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid