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Cultural production Sector Commemorates  The Anniversary Of The Departure of Al- Tunisi And The Birth of Zakaria Ahmed In Al-Hanagher

Tuesday 01 January, 2019

The National Center for Theater, Music And Folklore – subjected to Cultural Production Sector, headed by Khaled Jalal, commemorates the departure of the great poet Birm El Tunisi and the birth of The musician Zakaria Ahmed on Wednesday 9 January at 7 Pm in Al- Hanagher Center for Arts .

The program includes screening  a documentary film about the artistic biography  of " the poet of the people " and for Zakaria Ahmed "  The Sheikh of  Composers"  ,  followed by presenting a concert for " the permanent band of the National Center for Theater, Music and Folklore" . It presents  a selection of the most important works of the late artists. The booklet is presented with a brochure about their life journey , prepared by the researcher Rasha Adly.