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“Arabic Books Inspired The World “  New publication of The  Book Organization

Monday 15 July, 2019


The Egyptian General Book Organization, headed by Dr. Haitham Al-Haj, recently published a book entitled"Arabic Books Inspired the World" by Sameh Kareem. The book is divided into six chapters discussing several topics that present aspects of the Arab-Islamic civilization and its golden age influence on the world .

The first chapter deals with literature  stories, novels and poetry criticism studies. The criticism section  includes two sections: literary criticism and intellectual criticism

The second chapter deals with the arts generally, such as musical, lyrical, architecture, construction, and others.

The third chapter is  devoted to the sciences of humanity :- philosophy, psychology, geography, history, economics, politics, and society.

The fourth chapter deals with the sciences of :-  medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, physics, crafts, industries, traditional and other medical treatments for treating some diseases, as well as some types of surgery.

 The book concludes with the biography of the great figures  of the Arab Islamic civilization, such Al- Kanady , Al- Farabi, Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, Ibn Khaldun and the others in the Middle Ages. The book consists of  341 pages.