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10 literary Evenings For The Supreme Council of Culture In Ramadan

Tuesday 14 May, 2019
Tuesday 14 May, 2019


The Ministry of Culture, represented by The Supreme Council Of Culture, will hold a series of evenings, including literary and poetry meetings, seminars and Evenings .


  • on Wednesday, 15 May – 10 Ramadan - at 9:00 pm, in the Cultural Garden in Sayeda Zeinab, headed by Mohamed Abdel Hafez Nassif , a symposium entitled "Burda Al- Boussiri" is held in the framework of the activities of "  Youth Committee of the Council" -  headed by   Jihad Amer – it includes poetry readings and a number of songs and religious recitals  for  "Tabhish Performing Arts "  Ensemble.
  • on Thursday , 11 Ramadan, 16 May , The Cultural Park will also host a meeting entitled  "Africa in the Heart of Egypt" at 10 It will be organized by Mahmoud Moussaoui and will be part of the Ministry of Culture  celebrations of Egypt presidency of The African Union for 2019.
  • On Sunday, 14 Ramadan ,19 May, at 9:00 pm, Qena Culture Palace will present a seminar organized by the Youth Committee to discuss " the economic, social and political risks of reprisal practices" lectured by . Dr. Youssef El Gharbawy, Vice President of South Valley University, It is run by Ahmed Saad Grieu.
  • On Tuesday 16 Ramadan ,May 21, at 9 pm , a seminar entitled  "Egyptian youth -  Formation And Future" will be held at the headquarters of The Supreme Council of Culture ,lectured by  Ahmed Zayed, Rapporteur of the Sociology Committee. The seminar will be attended by Dr. Ahmed Magdy Hegazy, Dr. Khaled Abdel Fattah and Dr. Massaad Aweys.
  • On Wednesday, 17 Ramadan ,22 May- 2019, at the Supreme Council of Culture, a poetry evening entitled "Ramadan and poets". will be organized by the poetry committee headed by Dr. Mohamed Abdel Muttalib and directed by Dr. Hossam Gail. Al-Din, Hasan Taleb, Omar Al-Sawy and Mohammed Ibrahim Abu-Sana.
  • On Wednesday, 17 Ramadan ,22 May, at 9:00 pm, a seminar entitled " Architecture Culture of Children and Youth" will be held at " the Egyptian House of Architecture". It will highlight some of the successful experiences in spreading the culture of architecture for children and young people. The seminar is directed by Dr. Heba Safi , with the participation of :- Dr. Doaa Shehata, Engineer Ola Said, Engineer Radwa Rustam - representatives of "  Urban Thought Society " and " the Foundation for the development of community " with a special participation of   Dalila Al-Kurdani, Rapporteur of the Council's Architecture Committee, followed by  presenting by an exhibition of some practices of previous activities and joint work in "   Golden Cubes Award – 2018" and this exhibition will continue for a week.
  • On Thursday, 18 Ramadan ,23 May, at 9:00 pm at the headquarters of the Supreme Council of  Culture, an evening entitled "Harmony: Reading in Sufi Prayer" will be presented by the group "Dom Haki" with the participation of Dr. Sahar Al-Moji, Rasha Nashat and Omar Sameh.
  • On Sunday, 21 Ramadan ,26 May, the Supreme Council  of  Culture will hold an evening entitled "Drama and Ramadan Programs from a Media Perspective." . It deals with the vision of a number of specialists in the field of drama and Ramadan programs , run  by Dr. Hanan Yousef, Hassan and Khaled Mahani.
  • On Tuesday, 23 Ramadan ,28 May, at 9:00 pm, the Supreme Council of Culture will hold an evening entitled "Ramadan in Africa" as part of the celebration of The culture Ministry of Egypt presidency of the African Union. It deals with the customs and traditions of a number of countries of the African continent , it is run by Rasha Abu Shakra, with a number of Egyptian specialists, Jibrin Abdullah (Chad), Sabo Mohammed (Cameroon), Abdel Aziz Neshimimana (Rwanda).
  • On Thursday 30 Ramadan , 25 May , the evenings will be concluded by presenting a narrative evening entitled " In The Box" , presented by " Ana Al – Hikaya " Group , including the artists:- Aya Sami, Iman Shahin Siham Bent Sinia, Abdel Salam and Mona Ibrahim.