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Supreme Council of Culture

General Authority for Cultural Palaces is the real presence of the Ministry of Culture in the provinces of Egypt and its provinces and rarely find Egyptian city does not exist by the combined culture of the theater house, the library and clubs literature, women, children, each of which represents the University of mass culture that takes in the hands of the pioneers of culture and creators in various areas of creativity towards encouraging Obdathm publish and make available to the public. Supreme Council of Culture represents the vanguard of the elite and the leaders of intellectuals, artists, writers, thinkers and creators in Egypt and is designed to facilitate the culture of the people and deepen democratic culture and reach out to a wider sectors of the public with the development of talent in various fields of culture and arts of Arts and inform the masses to the fruits of human knowledge and confirmation of religious and spiritual and moral values ​​of society . Supreme Council of Culture shall be assisted in his work Atnthan Twenty-cultural committee specializing in the various branches of the arts, literature and social sciences - the study of cultural work environment and the development of recommendations and decisions for the purification what hinders this climate of obstacles and overcome the difficulties and solve problems. Body set up in 1945 under the name of People's University